participing at Audiovize 2015 festival, Brno, Czech Republic, 23. 9. 2015

participing at exhibition SILVER LINING, National Gallery in Prague, 30.09.2015 - 17.01.2016

ZTRACENÝ PŘÍPAD selected for Brno Sixteen Film Festival, 14. - 17. 10.

participing at Art House Designblok, Prague, 22. - 27. 10.

participing Artissima Torino, Italy, 6 - 8. 11. (represented by Polansky Gallery)

participing in group show at Czech China Contemporary, Beijing, October 2015

performance for STUDIO HRDINU Theatre, Prague, December 2015

Artist-in-residence programme at Residency Unlimited , New York, February - March 2016

solo show at PLATO Ostrava, Czech Republic, summer 2016, curated by Marek Pokorny


ZTRACENÝ PŘÍPAD / LOST CASE selected for 50th International Film Festival Karlovy Vary

soloshow at Polansky Gallery, Prague. Opening 12. 6. 2015

participating at the group exhibition ALL WATCHED OVER in James Cohan Gallery, New York 25. 6. - 7. 8. 2015

participating VII. Zlin Youth Salon, Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlin (CZ), 20. 5. - 20. 9. 2015

Doryphoros (time lapse), HD video, 2015

exhibition view, Souvenir, solo show at Polansky Gallery, Prague, 2015

Threshold, HD video, no sound, 2015

installation view, The Importance of Being in a (Moving) Image, National Gallery Prague
curated by Adam Budak, Jen Kratochvil, Piotr Sikora

LOST CASE, video, sound, 58 min

installation view to the solo show MLUV, ABYCH TĚ VIDĚL
KABINET gallery, TIC Brno, curator: Marika Kupková

Tongue Twister, pre-production study, colour negative film

AUDITORIUM, 2014, installation views

solo show STUDIO No. 2, Polansky Gallery, Prague, 2013

solo show STUDIO No. 2 (Slapstick), bb15 gallery, Linz (AT), 2013